We use Excel & Power BI to create Business Intelligence & data visualisation solutions that show how your business is progressing every day.

It improves your decision-making process and changes your way of thinking. We use Excel automation to increase your productivity and streamline business process. Our consultancy services include:

Excel Automation

Here are some interesting facts about Excel:

95% of firms use Excel. 50% of spreadsheets form the basis for decisions. Spreadsheets live 5 years on average and are used by at least 12 people!

Too often businesses use manual processes to construct worksheets. It is time consuming, depressing and error prone.

Excel automation is used to eliminate repetitive manual processes and replace them with VBA code, macros and visual controls. Automation increases productivity, allowing your staff to focus on their primary responsibilities. It eliminates human errors that may lead to poor decision making, lost reputation and money.

Almost all Excel manual operations can be automated. The most common ones include:

  • Integrating Excel with other data sources and applications
  • Data manipulation
  • Creating summaries and aggregates
  • Generating emails using data from Excel

Business Intelligence and Power BI

Having access to data is critical to business. Yet, according to a survey, 57% of executives don’t have access and availability to the data they need.

Do you have current status of your metrics and key performance indicators on your screen? How long does it take you to get information that you need to make business decisions? Can you drill into every department and every region of your business?

We use Power BI tools to bring data to you.

Using Power BI, we build Executive dashboards and Business Intelligence systems that allow you to see how your business is progressing every day. It helps your decision making process and changes the way you think.

We can aggregate, analyse, and visualise data, turning raw statistics into actionable information that is easy to digest and understand.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a relatively new Microsoft product for data modelling, analysis and visualization. It gives end users the power of SQL data querying combined with visualization tools integrated with web and mobile. Using Power BI you can aggregate data from different data sources and generate real time reports with ease.

Excel Dashboards and Data Visualisation

Data without analysis and visual presentation has no value. Excel, due to its ease of use and universal availability, is an excellent tool to make powerful dashboards that can provide analysis, insight and alert managers in timely manner.

Excel dashboards simplify complex data and provide users with high-level overview of the business using data visualisation tools. They provide the data necessary to make difficult decisions quickly based on good, accurate data.

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