Excel Consulting Services

Here at XL Intelligence, we provide thorough and informative Excel consulting. We use Microsoft Excel to create data visualisation and business intelligence solutions that show you how your business is progressing every day. By utilising our Excel consultancy services, you will be getting access to bespoke services from consultants who are experienced in all aspects of Microsoft Excel, including Excel automation, VBA code, data visualisation and Excel dashboards.

Here are just a few benefits of hiring an Excel spreadsheet consultant:

  • You can make better-informed decisions, more efficiently. With a consultant analysing and presenting your data in ways that are prompt and clear to your business, you won’t have to spend hours trying to make sense of your data, much less present it.
  • Your spreadsheet can be automated, meaning that you can spend far less time completing the repetitive and routine tasks that are often required of you. We know how valuable your time is, and it goes without saying you are better off focusing on important decisions rather than spreadsheets.
  • Specialist Excel VBA consultants are experienced in using this programming language (and others) to run complex operations for a variety of businesses. This means you won’t necessarily have to learn the specifics of VBA to automate Excel reports, although we offer this as a training course if this is something you feel is beneficial.
  • People who work with Excel often find that when it comes to automation, they struggle to integrate Microsoft Excel with other data sources. Excel consultants are experienced with various software that can be integrated, and will find a solution that works for your business, no matter the sector.
  • No business is the same, and your goals are unique to your business. Your consultant can help you customise formulas and calculations to produce the information most relevant to you and your business’ success. There is no reason to restrict yourself to standard formula.

With XL Intelligence, our Excel consultants can lend a valuable helping hand to your team, to ensure you are getting the most out of Microsoft Excel. We can apply both real-life experience and practical solutions to your business, having consulted with many clients in the past, who were in a similar position to you once.


An Excel consultant can analyse your business and help to see where you may be losing money. Consultants can build spreadsheets that can show profit and loss, clearly and efficiently. What will be only a few hours’ work for them will save you many hours of your valuable time in the long run.


We are also Microsoft Power BI consultants, and build dashboards and business intelligence systems that allow you to see how your business is progressing.

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