Excel Training London

When you partner with XL Intelligence, your staff will learn from trainers who have real-world, hands-on development experience.

All of our trainers bring with them an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Office products and applications, and they know how to use them in real-world scenarios.

Data analysis and Business Intelligence used to be the monopoly of specialised IT companies. Not anymore! New Microsoft tools give the end users the power and control over their data. We will train you to use the latest Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation tools to empower you in business decision making.

We specialise in Advanced Excel training, Dashboards, Data Analysis, Power BI and VBA. We are happy to train you and your staff along the standard courses outlines. However, a lot of our clients prefer bespoke training tailored to their specific needs.

Power BI and Data Analysis

SQL queries and high level data analysis used to be a prerogative of IT departments. With new Microsoft Power BI tools you can claim back control of your own data. We will teach you how to clean and shape your data; how to write your own functions; how to create your reports and visualise the data and how to share it with others.

Dashboards and Data Visualisation

One of the greatest advantages of Excel is it’s flexibility. You are not constraint by pre-set features and can create virtually any visualisation. Our courses are designed to give you hands on experience in creating a dashboard, discover and explorer ideas, learn tips and tricks.

Advanced Excel

Our Advanced Excel courses are usually customised to your needs. The courses are designed to help you to master powerful Excel features. We will take you to the new heights of Names and Tables; teach you the joy of Solvers and Pivot Tables; show you how to create Macros and automate your work. Show us your workbooks; tell us about your challenges; or simply select topics from our standard outlines.

VBA and Excel Automation

A lot of everyday tasks in Excel are repetitive. You tend to create the same report again and again. Or you need to download and clean your data every week. Or you export charts to PowerPoint on a regular basis. Any recurring task can be automated. This will save you hours of working time.

You may also have staff members who are not experienced Excel users, but who need to do work in Excel. By automating the tasks for them you will not only save time, but eliminate mistakes as well.

We can run a standard VBA course for you (please see course outlines); or we can customise the course to your specific needs; or simply choose a standard course with a workshop where we can start building your solution. Contact us to discuss your options.

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