Microsoft Office Training and Courses

Here at XL Intelligence, we offer training courses on both Microsoft Excel and VBA and Microsoft Power BI, many of which cover some very specific elements and features of both programs.

Excel Training Courses

We offer Excel training courses for both proficient and inexperienced users. No matter your familiarity with how to use Excel, we have a training course out there to provide you with valuable insights and skills, on anything from understanding absolute references right through to using Solver and creating advanced macros in Excel. We also provide specific tailored courses for people who wish to learn more about creating dashboards in Excel, as well as Power Pivot and the art of Excel automation (and VBA).

Our Microsoft Excel courses are listed below:

Power BI Training Courses

We also provide Power BI training, with three intensive courses covering the main aspects of Power BI and how it can be used effectively across your business. As far as business intelligence goes, there is no other program quite as innovative as Power BI.


That being said, regardless of who uses Power BI within a business, it’s fair to say that learning how to use Power BI in terms of data visualisation, modelling and analysis will ensure everyone within that business is getting the most out of the program. Whether you are responsible for creating reports that detail your business’ data relationships, or sharing that data with other professionals who need to make important decisions, XL Intelligence can help teach you methods of making your processes and decision-making easier. Microsoft Power BI training will give end users and developers vital skills and real-life examples of how useful it can be to a business, no matter its size.


You can see our Power BI training courses below:

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