Dashboards and Data Visualisation

Data visualisation refers to the representation of information and data using graphics, otherwise known as visuals. Data visualisation tools provide users with a straightforward way of understanding trends and patterns in data easily, when using visual elements like charts and maps.


In any business, analysing data is important, particularly for those who are responsible for making important decisions. Therefore, it’s imperative that data visualisation technologies are used to make sense of your data trends to help make these decisions easier. If you are not a decision-maker and yet responsible for analysing large quantities of data, then you can also benefit from learning data visualisation skills. These will prove useful to yourself as well as others across your business.


We specialise in creating interactive dashboards. Dashboards are great ways of monitoring your business and its progress, where you can see the most important metrics in one place. Dashboard visualisations can come from one dataset, or multiple datasets. They can also come from one or more underlying reports. Power BI dashboards combine cloud data with on-premises data, providing a condensed view regardless of where the data is. Interactive dashboards are beneficial for deriving up-to-date insights, because as the underlying data changes, so do the visuals on the dashboard. Dashboards provide consolidated single-page data views, and with the ability to drill through to the underlying reports, they give users the option to filter data to display what is important to them. We also specialise in Excel dashboards.


Please see our pages on our Excel dashboard training and Power BI dashboard course for more detailed information about what is provided.

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