Excel Dashboards

Duration: 1 day


We offer another deep, yet more specific Excel training course, one which focuses on Excel dashboards. In this course, you’ll learn how to create interactive dashboards in Excel, which provides insight, analysis and calls to action. Creating dashboards in Excel can be beneficial in your business’ project management, financial forecasting and more.


By learning some very simple (yet vital) methods to create dashboards in Excel, you will expand your Microsoft Excel skills to such a degree that will prove invaluable to your organisation. Not only that, but this Excel dashboard training course will give you insights of useful Excel tools that are essential for creating effective dashboards, ones that will add value.


This intensive Excel course will cover the following aspects:

  • Data preparation, including some essential functions that will prove useful
  • Data validation in Excel
  • Vital Excel tools for dashboards
  • Applying conditional formatting rules, interactive Excel charts and Pivot Tables
  • Adding ActiveX controls to make dashboards interactive
  • Automating with useful Excel macros
  • The importance of user-defined functions


This course will also give attendees an opportunity to create a dashboard in Excel that is entirely unique to them. Throughout the course, we will show you dashboard ideas and examples and allow you enough time to create one of your own in a workshop towards the end of the course.


Please see our other Microsoft Excel courses – we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, as well as specialised programs on Excel automation and Power Pivot.

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