Excel Advanced

Duration: 1 day


For those of you who are confident in how to use Excel for various different purposes, competent at using Excel functions and the program’s overall capabilities, an advanced Excel course will be your next best step. For skilled Microsoft Excel users, who are intent on improving their Excel knowledge to the highest standard possible, our advanced Excel training course is the perfect choice.


For anyone attending this Excel advanced course, you can expect the following:

  • Using Excel names at an advanced level
  • Creating constants in Excel
  • Advanced Excel functions, such as MATCH, INDEX and financial and statistical functions
  • Adding form controls for user interaction
  • Customising Excel charts
  • Heatmaps and infographics
  • 1 and 2-variable data tables
  • Using Goal Seek and Solver in Excel
  • Introduction to Excel coding, creating user-defined functions
  • Advanced Excel macro recording


While the beginner and intermediate Excel training courses provide you with some vital initial knowledge, our advanced Microsoft Excel course is really recommended for those who need to use Excel to complete a wide range of tasks. This course touches on some of the basics of Excel automation, and therefore, if automating Excel tasks is something you want to pursue, we would recommend our Excel VBA training course to improve your knowledge in that particular field.


While taking our beginner and intermediate Excel courses isn’t a requirement before enrolling in this advanced Excel training program, we do recommend both of them if you really want to receive the best experience possible.

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