Excel Best Practice

Duration: 1 day


Our Microsoft Excel training courses are not all competency-based. While we offer an Advanced Excel course for those who need to learn complex macro recording, advanced Excel functions and customise Excel charts, we also offer a beginner and intermediate Excel course for anybody wishing to get up to speed with the program.


While we are proficient in all areas of Microsoft Excel, we appreciate that others are not, so our Excel training courses cover all areas. However, we have also designed a unique course, called Excel Best Practice, which is ideal for people who haven’t had any formal training in Excel, yet use it on a regular basis in their business.


If you need to learn how to use Excel in the best way possible, that will ultimately save you time and hassle, then consider this Microsoft Excel course. Unlike our unique, specific courses that focus on specific features like Excel dashboards, processes such as Excel automation and VBA, or technical add-ins like PowerPivot, this course teaches you how to get the most out of Excel in the workplace.


This Excel training program covers:

  • Using names in Excel (in an advanced environment)
  • Formulas and cell referencing
  • Creating Pivot Tables in Excel
  • Create interactive charts
  • Use form controls
  • Conditional formatting
  • Making sense of the WHAT-IF analysis
  • Using Advanced Excel functions (e.g. INDIRECT, INDEX, MATCH)


While no formal training is required before enrolling on this Excel course, it is ideal for people who use Excel regularly. Therefore, having some knowledge of Pivot Tables, Excel functions and data validation is recommended in order to get the most out of the training program.


Learning many of these useful Excel skills will help you analyse your data, create meaningful formulas, help with your data entry and more. If you need any further assistance with our Microsoft Excel training, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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