Excel For Beginners

Duration: 1 day


No previous experience required. No knowledge of spreadsheets needed. Our Excel beginners training course is a perfect place to start if you want to get to grips with Microsoft Excel straight away.


All you need is some familiarity with using a mouse, keyboard and computer.


Our beginners Excel training course includes:

  • Entering and editing different types of data
  • Selecting cell ranges
  • Creating basic Excel formulas to calculate values
  • Using relative and absolute references in formulas
  • Using basic Excel functions
  • Formatting cells and ranges in Excel
  • Simple printing and previewing
  • An introduction to creating charts


By the end of this Microsoft Excel course, you’ll be familiar with the basic uses of Excel and be well on your way to becoming a professional. Even getting to grips with using the SUM and AVERAGE functions to perform calculations in a workbook can get you incredibly far. Everyone who has used Excel, either personally or professionally, have likely been taught how to use Excel at some point in their lives. This course is a perfect way to start.


Our team of Microsoft Excel trainers have real-life experience using the program for some truly advanced purposes. You’d be receiving expert guidance from professionals who have a proven track record in developing Excel solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s safe to say that the Excel basics are permanently engrained in our minds. We want to help you succeed with Microsoft Excel, and this course is the best place to start.

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