Excel PowerPivot and Power Query

Duration: 1 day


This unique, thorough Excel training course specifically focuses on data modelling and data analysis in Excel. We would recommend this course for anyone wishing to gain (or enhance) Excel analytical skills, given that there is a prominent focus on modelling capabilities and DAX (data analysis expression).


While attendees do not need to have any previous experience in Excel analysis, nor does anyone have to complete the Excel for beginners, intermediate or advanced Excel course prior to this Power Pivot and Power Query course, it is always beneficial.


Power Pivot was first introduced in 2008 as a free add-in for Excel, and now comes included as an add-in with Excel 2016. With Power Pivot, you can create data models in Excel and combine large amounts of data from multiple sources. Power Query is a tool that enables users to find, extract and shape data from these other sources, prior to importing it into Excel (or the Power Pivot data model).


You can expect to learn the following from this Microsoft Excel course:

  • Different data sources
  • ETL (extract, transform and load) procedure
  • Creating and using Query Parameters
  • Introduction to DAX
  • Calculated columns
  • Creating data models using Power Pivot
  • Creating and managing relationships (Active and Inactive)
  • Time intelligence functions
  • Creating calendars via DAX
  • Advanced DAX functions


At the end of taking this course, not only will you have mastered all of the above, but you will be more clued into using Excel to display data in ways you didn’t think possible. Learning Power Pivot skills to use in Excel for your business’ data, you can thoroughly understand how one set of data affects another.

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