Excel Intermediate

Duration: 1 day


If you are fairly competent with how to use Excel, then why not consider an intermediate Excel training course? This course is recommended if you are familiar with basic Excel formulas, simple Excel functions as well as working with multiple sheets and files, and are wanting to learn more about some of the more intricate Excel processes.


While this course isn’t recommended for beginners, it is a huge stepping stone in getting acquainted with some very complex logical functions and processes of data consolidation and data validation, on a fundamental level.


This intermediate Excel course covers the following areas:

  • Revisiting Excel formulas
  • Applying names in Excel, for ranges of cells or values
  • Logical functions, and other advanced functions like LOOKUP
  • Setting up and managing Excel databases
  • Chart data techniques
  • Advanced chart formatting
  • Consolidating data in Excel
  • Creating, using and modifying Pivot Tables
  • Data validation
  • Conditional formatting
  • An introduction to Excel macros


This Excel training course provides you with some very useful insights and skills that you’d need to begin using Excel at an advanced level. While it is certainly not ideal for novices, this intermediate Excel training program is especially vital for those who need to enhance their knowledge of the program in a professional setting.


While our advanced Excel courses delve deeper into more complex Excel functions and sophisticated chart data techniques, we’d highly recommend taking this course before you undertake anything at an advanced level. Taking our courses ensures you get consistent and reliable knowledge from experienced Excel professionals who train and provide Excel consultancy services to a wide range of businesses. You’re going to be receiving the best Excel training tips from XL Intelligence, a company with such extensive real-world experience.

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