Excel VBA Course

Duration: 2 days


Our Excel automation training course is designed for proficient users of Microsoft Excel who are intent on learning how to automate Excel tasks to the fullest extent. With this Excel training course, not only can you automate Excel features but with enough experience, you can learn how to develop programs using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).


This course teaches you VBA concepts and programming techniques. Although no specific programming experience is required to learn VBA, we would recommend that course attendees have some experience designing and creating workbooks as well as a strong working knowledge of Excel functions, formulas and ranges.


After completing this intensive Excel course, you should be able to:

  • Create and record a macro in Excel
  • Comfortably create and modify user-defined functions
  • Work with the VBA Editor and its main components
  • Understand useful VBA terminology
  • Access and understand the Excel Object Model
  • Create command procedures in Excel
  • Create and use Excel variables
  • Manipulate Excel objects using code
  • Use common programming techniques
  • Create a custom form in Excel
  • Create code to drive custom Excel forms
  • Customise menus
  • Automate procedures in Excel


If all of the above sounds like it would be out of your scope, please don’t worry. While we run a standard VBA course, we can also run a customised VBA course to meet your specific needs and requirements.


Many everyday Excel tasks are repetitive, and so luckily, thanks to Excel automation, almost any of these tasks can be automated using VBA macros.


Our other Excel training courses include 1-day courses for beginners, competent and proficient users of Excel, as well as specific courses on Excel dashboards and Power Pivot.


Contact us to see how we can help run a bespoke Excel training course to your needs.

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