Power BI: Data Modelling, Visualisation and DAX

Duration: 2 days


If you are working with Power BI it’s vital that you understand the concept of data modelling. It’s all well and good having the business intelligence tools and the data, but how are you going to obtain insights from data in the best way possible?


The simplest way is to create a data model in Power BI. The process of creating data models in Power BI extends further than you might expect. Not only that, but with this Power BI training course, you can learn how to connect Power BI to various data sources, learn the fundamentals of DAX and how to create reports.


It might sound like a lot to take in, but believe it or not, this 2-day course does not require any previous experience with using Power BI at all. While it would be beneficial to have some analytical skills, in a program like Microsoft Excel as an example, delegates of all proficiency levels are welcome.


This data modelling course encompasses the following areas:

  • Understanding data sources
  • DAX – calculated columns and measures
  • Time intelligence functions in Power BI
  • Data modelling in Power BI
  • Advanced relationship options
  • Advanced DAX functions
  • Visualisations
  • The role of Queries in data import
  • Charts
  • Preparing Power BI reports for publishing
  • Publishing Power BI reports
  • Sharing interactive Power BI dashboards
  • Data refresh


Though there really is more to this Power BI data modelling course than what is listed above. This course covers areas of both data visualisation and data analysis along with modelling, giving you a full picture of how useful Power BI can be to businesses.


If you need to discuss anything ahead of enrolling on this Power BI course, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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