Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of business intelligence tools that help your company share insights and analyse data. Power BI incorporates business intelligence with data integration, analytics and data visualisation tools which help business owners understand their information in one place.


Power BI is a relatively new addition to the Microsoft Data Tools Suite which includes Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration and SQL Server Reporting Services.


The advantage of Power BI is that it is continually updating in real-time and is available on multiple devices, with desktop and mobile interfaces as well as a cloud-based service.

Companies using Power BI can:

  • Deliver insights throughout their business
  • Produce reports and visuals that are easy to understand
  • Share information across multiple devices and the web
  • Create personalised dashboards with multiple visualisations
  • Connect the program to numerous data sources
  • Use Power Query to shape and transform data

Having access to data is critical to a business. Surprisingly however, 57% of executives don’t have access or availability to the data they need.


Using Power BI, we build executive dashboards and business intelligence systems that allow you to see how your business is progressing every day. We can aggregate, analyse and visualise data, turning raw statistics into actionable information that is easy to digest and understand.


Making use of Power BI can ultimately help your decision-making process, and will likely change the way you look at your data. You can aggregate data from different sources and generate real-time reports with ease.

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Certified Power BI consultants can optimise your ROI by helping you execute a solid strategy, avoid mistakes and make sense of your data. XL Intelligence’s consultants will work WITH you, not FOR you. We will ensure you have the insights you need to make progress within your business.


For those of you who want to create business analytics, and learn the most effective method of how to use Power BI yourself, we provide a collection of extensive training courses to suit your needs. We provide a standard course as well as advanced Power BI training material, but it doesn’t stop there. We can study your data and help structure and tailor a course to suit your organisation’s needs.


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