Power BI Consulting Services

As certified Microsoft Power BI consultants, we are thoroughly experienced in all aspects of the Microsoft Data Tools Suite. Therefore, it’s fair to say we can seamlessly integrate Power BI with your existing data and systems to deliver business intelligence solutions that will allow you to see the true value of your data. No matter what business you’re in, hiring a Power BI consultant will ensure you better results than if you were to brave it on your own.


Our consultants work with Microsoft Power BI daily, which means that we have an enormous amount of valuable knowledge, experience and capabilities. Our Power BI consultancy services are a proven gateway to success within your organisation, at least as it pertains to your data analysis and business intelligence. No matter your level of expertise with the program already, our team of consultants will help your business through every single step of implementing Power BI, and naturally, consulting with you to ensure you are getting the most out of the program.


Our process:

  • Gauge your business’ requirements and data sources
  • Examine the audience receiving your reports and dashboards
  • Make suggestions and recommendations on the best approach to build your model
  • Implement a process and structure that works for you
  • Integrate the most suitable Power BI solution that is easy to maintain for you
  • Establish the most effective method of consulting with you after completion

A Power BI consultant is skilled in every aspect of the program, given that they are someone who uses Power BI on a regular basis. If you take advantage of our Microsoft Power BI consulting services, you are essentially freeing up the time you would usually spend on analysing your data and giving it to someone who is already well versed in that process. You can instead spend more of your time focusing on other important decisions.


We understand the importance of implementing the right strategy for your organisation as it pertains to your business intelligence solutions. We firmly believe in working WITH you, not FOR you. Once we complete the model for you, it doesn’t stop there. We train your staff involved in both using and updating the model, and we will leave you fully equipped with user guides and manuals that we’ve created.


We will always continue to provide further support if it is required. We remain committed to our clients even after the project has been successfully completed. We believe in establishing a good relationship with our customers who take us up on our Power BI consulting services.


We also provide extensive Power BI training courses as well as our Power BI consulting. Our training courses cover many areas of Power BI, from data visualisation techniques right down to DAX. Our staff are fully trained and can provide standard and bespoke Power BI training which can be tailored to your experience and familiarity with the program.


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