Power BI Training

Our Power BI training courses are designed to ensure you are getting the most out of Power BI in your business. XL Intelligence is one of the first consultancy firms to offer Power BI training, where we use our real-life experience to create standard and tailored Power BI courses to accommodate all levels of expertise. We don’t just create dashboards or create reports in Power BI for our clients, we want to share our knowledge and skills with others.


Data analysis and business intelligence used to be monopolies restricted to specialist IT companies. That’s not the case anymore. New Microsoft tools give end users the power and control over their data. We will train you on the latest business intelligence and data visualisation tools, as well as data analysis language (DAX), that will pay dividends in your decision-making.


Our Microsoft Power BI training courses teach you how to:

  • Clean and shape your data
  • Write your own functions
  • Create your reports
  • Visualise the data
  • Share it with others


There is more to our training courses than meets the eye. We don’t just teach you how to use Power BI, we teach you how to build reports through effective data analysis, that serve to effectively answer questions. We provide standard Power BI courses which are suitable for anyone who would like a general overview of the application or a deep dive into DAX (data analysis expression). You can gain a solid base knowledge of Power BI by attending our data visualisation course, which will only expand the more you use the application. We also run tailored courses. We are more than happy to look at your data and structure the course around what you need from Power BI.

Our courses:


Power BI is a powerful business intelligence solution, but without expert help, you could potentially be missing out on key insights about the application and how to use it as effectively as possible. Even if you are proficient in the program, Power BI training can still be incredibly valuable to you as a business. All of our Power BI training courses in London and beyond have proven beneficial to those who weren’t aware just how extensive and advanced the tool is, where many trainees have seen first-hand how they can be more efficient in managing and integrating their business data.


We also provide Excel training courses:


While we would recommend our training courses to those who have some experience working with Microsoft Excel, Power BI, dashboards, data analysis and VBA, we also provide Power BI consulting services as well as Excel consulting, which may also prove useful to you.

What next?

Download our course outlines and give us a call to discuss your Power BI training.