Microsoft Power BI Training

Power BI Training

Power BI desktop is a relatively new Microsoft tool which was released in 2016. Xl Intelligence was one of the first companies who started offering Power BI training. We also build Power BI reports and dashboards for our clients and therefore know this tool not just in theory, but from real life experiences.

We run a standard Power BI course which is suitable for anyone who would like to have an overview of the application. This will give you a solid base from which you can expand your knowledge. We provide advanced courses where you learn to create data models, understand DAX – new language for data aggregation and learn how to create executive dashboards and publish them on the internet, how to share reports and dashboards you created within your company.

We also run tailored courses. We are happy to look at your data and structure the course around your needs. This may include a workshop on creating reports based on your data sources.


Power BI and Excel

If you have not decided yet that Power BI desktop is the solution for you, why not to look at Excel Business Intelligence tools? Some latest Excel versions have built in Power Pivot and Power Query. For earlier versions (Excel 2010 and Excel 2013) Power Pivot and Power Query are available as add-ins. We provide training for those tools as well. Power Query allows you to get and transform data from multiple sources. And Power Pivot is used to build data models. Using those tools you can overcome limitations of Excel such as restrictions on record numbers (Power Pivot works with millions of records) and inability of Excel to work with multiple table models.

What is truly exciting, is that the skills you learn in Power Pivot and Power Query are completely transferable to Power BI desktop, once you decide to adopt it as your main reporting tool. As well as the models you create in Excel Power Pivot – those can be imported into Power BI desktop.

We live in an era of ever-expending data

In the past decades the amount of data collected, stored and transmitted has truly exploded. But are we ready to digest it?

Data analysis and Business Intelligence used to be the monopoly of specialised IT companies. Not anymore! New Microsoft tools give the end users the power and control over their data. We will teach you how to clean and shape your data; how to write your own functions; how to create your reports and visualise the data and how to share it with others. We will train you to use the latest Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation tools to empower you in business decision making.


What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Microsoft product for data modelling, analysis and visualization. It gives end users the power of SQL data querying combined with visualization tools integrated with web and mobile. Using Power BI you can aggregate data from different data sources and generate real time reports with ease. Whether your data is in Excel, data warehouse, or cloud, Power BI lets you easily to connect all sources to one data model.

What next?

Download our course outlines and give us a call to discuss your Power BI training.