Excel Consultancy & Training

Specialising in Business Intelligence solutions, Data Analysis, Excel VBA and Executive Dashboards. Make the right decisions with the latest Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation tools.

Power BI Consultancy & Training

Power BI is a Microsoft product for data modelling, analysis and visualisation. It gives end users the power of SQL data querying combined with visualisation tools integrated with web and mobile.

Power BI and Excel Specialists

Executive dashboards, Business Intelligence systems, Power BI and Excel automation.

We also provide advanced training and efficient, cost effective solutions based on Microsoft Office applications. We offer user focused training in Excel and Power BI. We work with our clients to solve their challenges and streamline business processes.

Power BI & Excel Consultancy

Improve your decision-making with our Excel and Power BI Business Intelligence and data visualisation solutions. We help you focus on increasing your productivity and streamlining business process.


When you partner with XL Intelligence, your staff will learn from trainers who have real-world, hands-on development experience. All of our trainers bring with them an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Office products and applications, and they know how to use them in real-world scenarios.

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