Power BI and Excel Specialists

Here at XL Intelligence, we believe you should be able to concentrate fully on the broader goals of your organisation. We feel you should have the opportunity to run your business without worrying about effectively executing your business intelligence solutions, much less wondering whether you are doing it right.


XL Intelligence have over 15 years’ experience working with numerous industry leaders and business owners providing bespoke Microsoft Excel training and consulting services. We also specialise in providing in-depth Microsoft Power BI consulting services and training courses.


We are experienced in all areas of Microsoft Office, and our services cover two Microsoft applications specifically.

  1. Microsoft Excel
  1. Microsoft Power BI


Power BI is a business intelligence and reporting tool which can connect to numerous data sources and transform that data into meaningful insights for a business. These insights can subsequently drive improvements and positive changes within that business.

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Despite modern business intelligence tools being very user-friendly, we understand that it’s still useful being taught how to use and implement software. When using modern BI tools and services, it helps significantly if users are clued into any updates and changes that are rolled in. We are always keeping a close eye on the monthly Power BI updates to help with our training courses.


XL Intelligence have worked incredibly hard over the last 15 years to grow our business through effective client relationships and personal recommendations.


We understand that choosing the best value-for-money option can be challenging in itself. That’s why we believe in complete transparency in what we are providing, making sure that you are getting the right service that will complement your business.



Here are some of our specific areas of expertise in Excel and Power BI:


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