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Power BI Updates for April 2020

If you are wondering why is XL Intelligence reporting on April Power BI update in May – this is because April updates were released only on the 6th of May. We are Power BI training experts, as well as Power BI consults. We always keep up with Power BI monthly updates and we love to…

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Power BI Updates for March 2020

Microsoft Power BI Consultant XL Intelligence are happy to provide another summary of the Microsoft Power BI Desktop monthly updates. We are Power BI training providers, who deliver a wide range of Power BI consulting services as well. XL Intelligence are always keeping tabs on these monthly Power BI updates. We’re always looking at perfecting…

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Power BI Updates for February 2020

Power BI Once again, XL Intelligence are pleased to bring you a summary of the Microsoft Power BI monthly updates. As Power BI consultants, with consolidated experience in running advanced and extensive Power BI training courses as well, XL Intelligence are always keeping a close eye on these monthly Power BI updates. As business intelligence…

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Advantages of Learning VBA

Excel VBA Microsoft Excel is a benchmark industry tool for financial planning, data entry and budgeting. Using some powerful features and functions, you can analyse and gain insights from your data. Having said that, many of the tasks in Excel are tedious and complex. Creating reports in Microsoft Excel is a task that is entrusted…

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VBA Automation using Macros

VBA Automation – A Case Study VBA is the programming language, which is used for writing macros in Microsoft Excel and all other Microsoft Office applications. Learning VBA code allows users to automate tasks, from simple ones in Excel such as entering and editing cell values, to interacting between other apps. VBA is used within Microsoft…

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Power BI Features Coming in 2020

Power BI Features Business intelligence solutions are designed to help organisations derive insights from their data. By making good use of business intelligence tools and business intelligence software, employees within an organisation can make important decisions based on facts, as opposed to suppositions or instincts. With accurate tools like Microsoft Power BI, organisations that use…

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