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Advantages of Learning VBA

Excel VBA Microsoft Excel is a benchmark industry tool for financial planning, data entry and budgeting. Using some powerful features and functions, you can analyse and gain insights from your data. Having said that, many of the tasks in Excel are tedious and complex. Creating reports in Microsoft Excel is a task that is entrusted…

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Useful Features in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel   To those who don’t use Microsoft Excel regularly, it can appear as quite a confusing and complicated program to understand. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Once you are able to understand its key features, how to use them and how they might potentially benefit you in the workplace, you…

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Power BI – An Overview

A Brief History of Power BI Microsoft Power BI is a relatively new product and whilst it’s become quite a popular choice of business intelligence software for many companies these days, its origins can be traced back as far back as a decade ago. While the ‘Power BI’ name wasn’t coined until recently, many of…

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DAX – Data Analysis Expression

Introduction – What is DAX? Data Analysis Expression (DAX) is a formula language used in Microsoft Power BI. DAX formulas include functions, operators and values. Formulas allow users to define customised calculations and queries on data in related tables and columns. End users were previously limited to Microsoft Excel functions, and DAX gives users more…

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Conditional Formatting Basics

What is Conditional Formatting? Excel conditional formatting is a really powerful feature when it comes to applying different formats to data that meets specific criteria. It serves to highlight important information and allows users to configure specific formatting to cells automatically. Conditional formatting applies sets of rules to cells using basic, intermediate or advanced formulas…

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